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Mousse Party April 13th 2024 7pm-10pm

Discoskating on Ice

Join us on Friday evening! Discoskating on ice with special light & laser effects.

KIDS MOUSSE PARTY ON 13/04/24 FROM 4:30pm – 6pm ONLY FOR CHILDREN TO MAX 10 YEARS, tickets only on site at the box office, regular rate.

The ice rink closes completely between 6pm and 7pm on Saturday, 13/04/2024.


  • Kindly keep in mind that your ID Card and your ticket is required to enter the rink!
  • Tickets are non-refundable
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged (including for another time)
  • Discouraged for children younger than 10 yo

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Out of respect for our neighbours, we take great care to reduce noise pollution. The result is a noise level that does not exceed the recommended threshold. 

Mousse Party April 13th 2024 7pm-10pm